BD LSRFortessa X-20

Superior Performance

While improved laser and optical detection design features have been incorporated into the BD LSRFortessa™ X-20, the fluidics system retains the true fixed-alignment flow cell design. The flow cell is gel-coupled to the collection optics to maximize detector signals.

Fluidics - Product Shot (side)

Fluidics System

The fluidics system is pressure driven. Hydrodynamic focusing forces sample cells through the cuvette flow cell, where they are interrogated. The flow cell is in fixed alignment with the laser and gel-coupled to the collection optics. This design ensures that the laser is precisely focused on the sample stream and the maximum amount of emitted light can be collected for added sensitivity in multicolor applications. Fixed alignment also minimizes startup time, improves experiment-to-experiment reproducibility, and enables automated daily quality control (QC).

The sheath container (8 L) and waste container (10 L) are outside the cytometer, positioned on the floor for easy access.

Fluidics sensors maintain constant pressure, while a fluidics monitoring system warns when sheath fluid is low or empty, or when the waste container is full.

Characterization of instrument sensitivity using 8-peak beads
Characterization of instrument sensitivity using 8-peak beads
The sensitivity across detectors of a BD LSRFortessa X-20 equipped with blue (50-mW), red (100-mW), and violet (50-mW) lasers is illustrated by the optimal resolution of SPHERO™ Rainbow 8-peak beads. Note that all peaks are easily identified in various detectors from the blue (A, B), red (C, D), and violet (E, F) lasers.

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