BD LSRFortessa

BD™ High Throughput Sampler Option

To improve experimental workflow, the optional BD™ High Throughput Sampler (HTS) provides rapid, fully automated sample acquisition from 96- and 384-well microtiter plates. In high-throughput mode, the HTS option can speed through a 96-well plate in fewer than 15 minutes with less than 0.5% sample carryover from one well to the next. Low carryover is essential in research applications to ensure sample purity and data integrity.

Fast acquisition speed is achieved by synchronizing two high-precision pumps for sample mixing, sample injection, and probe washing. Standard throughput mode can be selected for acquisition of larger sample volumes.

BD High Throughput Sampler (HTS)
BD High Throughput Sampler (HTS)


Special Order Products

The BD special order research program allows customers to configure BD flow cytometers and cell sorters to fit precise research and assay needs. Tailored to the special needs of research at the leading edge of biomedical discovery, the program offers a wide range of choices to help researchers create the ultimate customized instrument for their requirements.

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