BD FACSCanto Research System flow cytometer

A powerful platform for research use

The BD FACSCanto system brings BD flow cytometry and multicolor analysis to a new level to help researchers meet complex challenges and advance their research.

BD FACSDiva software for setup, acquisition, and analysis

BD FACSDiva software efficiently controls the setup, acquisition, and analysis of flow cytometry data from the BD FACSCanto workstation. BD FACSDiva operating software is common across many BD cell analyzers and cell sorters, including BD LSRFortessa™ and BD FACSAria™ systems, giving researchers application flexibility.

BD FACSDiva software enables researchers to preview and record data from multiple samples with an automated acquisition process. Acquisition templates, user-definable experiment layouts, and simple compensation procedures also managed by the software further facilitate acquisition.

For analysis, the software includes powerful features such as hierarchical snap-to gating, a variety of plots, and batch analysis. Recorded data can be analyzed by creating plots, gates, population hierarchies, and statistical views on a BD FACSDiva worksheet. The global worksheet can be used to analyze multiple sample tubes from the same experiment, to save time. User-definable batch analysis and automated capabilities such as gate resizing, pausing between data files, batch analysis, exporting statistics, and printing before proceeding to the next data file are additional BD FACSDiva features.

Features Software - FACSCanto Loader

BD FACS™ Loader

The BD FACS Loader (Loader) is an instrument option that allows walkaway sample introduction to further improve productivity. The Loader carousel accommodates up to 40 12 x 75-mm tubes and automatically loads them on the BD FACSCanto system without operator intervention. Mounted on the cytometer, the device includes a drive system, a tube lifter mechanism, and sensors on the sliding drawer. The Loader cover protects technicians from moving parts during operation.

The Loader utilizes compressed air to allow a more reliable tube load as well as an intelligent tube guide mechanism that automatically sends an alert if a tube is not properly positioned for loading.

A unique ID and optically read label are printed on each carousel for easy carousel identification. The BD FACS Loader is operated through BD FACSDiva software.

Cytometer setup and tracking

BD FACSDiva CS&T research beads provide, in a single vial reagent format, automated determination of BD FACSCanto configuration baselines and monitoring of performance over time, using BD FACSDiva software.

These beads and BD FACSDiva software can also be used to standardize application setup for multiple cytometers within and across laboratories, thus ensuring consistency of results over time, across multiple systems. Users can create and save the optimal settings for specific applications (called application settings in BD FACSDiva software) using bright bead target values from CS&T research beads for each fluorescence detector. As needed, these bright bead target values can be used to reproduce application settings on other cytometers with identical optical configurations, or to create new application settings. Multiple cytometers with different optical components such as lasers, laser power, and filters also can be standardized.


BD™ CompBead Compensation Particle Sets are designed to optimize compensation settings in multicolor flow cytometry. Particularly helpful when using tandem-dye conjugates, these particle sets simplify establishing compensation corrections for spectral overlap for any combination of fluorochrome-labeled antibodies.