BD FACSCanto Research System flow cytometer

Innovations include a patented optical design

The BD FACSCanto system is packed with innovations that make the system easier to use, powerful, and productive. At the heart of the cytometer, the fluidics system features a fixed alignment flow cell to minimize startup time and improve reproducibility. The optical system features a patented design that maximizes signal detection and increases sensitivity and resolution for each color in a multicolor assay. Lasers include a blue (488-nm, air-cooled, 20-mW solid state), a red (640-nm, 40-mW solid state), and a violet (405-nm, 30-mW solid state) laser.

BD FACSDiva software delivers consistent performance

BD FACSDiva™ software efficiently controls the setup, acquisition, and analysis of flow cytometry data. The Cytometer Setup and Tracking workflow uses BD FACSDiva (version 7.0 or later) software and BD FACSDiva™ CS&T research beads to define the cytometer’s initial baseline status for reproducible day-to-day cytometer performance, resulting in more consistent data over time. This capability available on the BD FACSCanto system can also be used to standardize application setup for multiple BD FACSCanto systems within and across laboratories, thus ensuring consistency of results over time, across multiple systems.

Complemented by a broad BD reagent portfolio optimized for use on the system

The BD FACSCanto system is complemented by a broad portfolio of conjugated antibodies that can be used to explore cellular features and characterize cells through surface, intracellular, or secreted markers. These reagents include BD Horizon™ Brilliant Violet™ dyes that are brighter than conventional dyes and deliver exceptional choice and performance for multicolor panel design.

Backed by knowledgeable BD service and support professionals

To support your research by streamlining work and maintaining optimal instrument performance, a full complement of highly qualified BD technical and application support personnel is available.