Engineered into the System

A self-contained fluidics cart supplies sheath and cleaning fluids and collects waste from the cytometer. The cart also provides the air pressure and vacuum needed to achieve pressure from 5 to 75 psi, to accommodate a variety of cell sorting applications. BD FACSDiva™ software adjusts the air pressure. The fluidics cart is typically positioned directly under or to the left of the cytometer.

The fluidics cart holds a 10-L stainless steel sheath tank, a 5-L stainless steel tank used for shutting down the instrument with ethanol, and 10-L waste container. The sheath tank can be autoclaved. In addition, the cart holds three 5-L auxiliary cleaning fluid containers used in conjunction with the automated Prepare for Aseptic Sort mode.

Sample injection chamber

During acquisition, the sample injection chamber is pressurized, forcing the sample to the cuvette flow cell. To simplify acquisition, the chamber temperature and agitation settings are controlled using BD FACSDiva software. A variety of tube holders are provided, from 15-mL centrifuge tube to 1.0-mL microtube size. To minimize clogging, 35- and 50-micron sample line filters are available.

Fluidic system improvements are built in to make the system easier and safer to operate.

From the sort block to the collection chamber

After leaving the nozzle, particles pass through the sort block that houses the deflection plates. The novel design fixes the plates in position for more efficient and reproducible deflection into a collection device in the sort collection chamber.

The sort block also houses an aspirator drawer that keeps the sort collection tubes covered until sorting begins and automatically closes to protect the tubes when the Sweet Spot is on and a clog is detected.

The sort collection chamber’s universal mount design makes inserting the tube holders easier. The holders are designed to help maintain aseptic conditions when removing sort tubes. Temperature control for sort collection tubes, slides, and plates is available as an option.

Aerosol management

Engineered with aerosol management in mind, the BD FACSAria™ III features an enclosed pathway from the sample injection chamber to the sort collection tubes. For an added level of aerosol management, the BD™ Aerosol Management Option (AMO) evacuates the sort collection chamber and traps aerosolized particles during sorting.