Flexibility to Expand, Upgrade to Protect Investments

For many users, the capability of an advanced cell sorter is defined by its flexibility, which in turn is defined by the number of parameters that can be detected simultaneously. With flexibility built in, the BD FACSAria™ III can support six lasers and four spatially separated beam spots. Choose up to six laser wavelengths—633 nm, 561 nm, 488 nm, 445 nm, 405 nm, and 375 nm—and up to 20 detector positions, to measure up to 18 colors simultaneously.

Upgradeable and backward compatible

Users can design a configuration that meets their lab’s budget and site requirements today and have a growth path for the future. They can expand the BD FACSAria III system with additional lasers via a field upgrade. In addition, customers with BD FACSAria or BD FACSAria II systems can upgrade them to the new capabilities of the BD FACSAria III with a field upgrade.

The latest state-of-the-art is available with a simple upgrade

Configure your

Up to 6 lasers
Up to 18 colors
Laser choices: 633, 561,
488, 445, 405, 375 nm

Lower cost of ownership

The unique, efficient design of the optical system delivers a lower cost of operation than stream-in-air sorters. The BD FACSAria III delivers maximum sensitivity and resolution using fiber launched solid state lasers. No special power or cooling is needed for these lower powered air cooled lasers.