Sensitivity for Multicolor and Sorting Applications

The fluidics system in the BD FACSAria™ III cell sorter is pressure driven. Positive air pressure forces sample cells through an optically gel-coupled cuvette flow cell. Hydrodynamic focusing guides particles in a single-file stream through the cuvette, where laser light intercepts the stream at the sample interrogation point.

Gel-coupled cuvette flow cell

At the heart of the BD FACSAria III is a quartz cuvette flow cell in true fixed alignment with the laser and gel coupled to the collection optics. For greater sensitivity, the BD FACSAria III incorporates a next-generation cuvette in the flow cell. Its patented design helps ensure that lasers are precisely focused on the sample stream, that they generate the greatest signal, and that the maximum amount of emitted light is collected.

Fixed alignment minimizes startup time, improves experiment-to-experiment reproducibility, and enables automated daily quality control. Most importantly, it also improves collection efficiency and optimizes resolution needed for multicolor applications, even at high-speed sorting settings.

Proven dependability and ease of use put the system in a class of its own.

In addition to other benefits, the next generation flow cell in the BD FACSAria III is designed to improve resolution for side population applications and DNA cell cycle analyses.

High-performance analysis, high-performance sorting

The BD FACSAria III analysis performance is comparable to state-of-the-art highly sensitive analyzers. This is accomplished by using a similar gel-coupled flow cell design and the fixed optical architecture of the BD FACSCanto™ II and BD LSRFortessa™ systems.

This design architecture achieves high numerical aperture light collection. The flow cell and nozzle design enable low particle speeds in the analysis zone for maximum light collection, and then accelerate the particle through the nozzle at stream speeds to achieve the drop rates required for high-performance sorting.

Through the precise coordination of the optical and fluidics systems, the BD FACSAria III delivers exceptional optical detection sensitivity compared to traditional stream-in-air systems, in which particle speeds are the same for both analysis and sorting.

Nozzles for a range of particles

A choice of nozzles lets users sort a wide range of particle sizes. Nozzles are available in four sizes: 70, 85, 100, and 130 microns. Nozzles are readily accessible and easy to change, with a design offering tight registration for a secure fit. This means a reproducible drop profile after every nozzle exchange, resulting in reproducible instrument setup and alignment. The software sort setup matches pressure and sort settings to the nozzle being used.

Easy aseptic setup and cleaning

Innovations in the fluidics system such as easy-to-insert nozzles, automated sort setup, and easy-to-change filters make setup fast and simple. The fluidics design features integrated valve manifolds and a streamlined fluidics path. Software wizards make aseptic sort setup easy and effective. In addition, after a sample tube is run, both the inside and outside of the sample injection tubing are flushed to minimize carryover.

Four beam spots in the BDFACSAria III
Four beam spots in the BD FACSAria III
Accudrop technology simplifies drop delay determination
Accudrop technology simplifies drop delay determination

Patented BD FACS™ Accudrop technology assists the user to see the best drop delay value, which is invisible to the naked eye. Software automation simplifies drop delay determination. Once the drop delay is calculated, the system automatically adjusts to maintain a constant break-off, called the Sweet Spot. Automatic clog detection stops the sort and protects the collection tubes if a clog is detected.

After passing through the cuvette, the stream accelerates through the nozzle and droplets are formed for sorting. Since particle interrogation occurs above the nozzle, insertion and removal of the nozzle can occur without realigning the optics or the fluid stream.