Compatible with Other BD Analyzers and Sorters

BD FACSDiva™ software efficiently controls the setup, acquisition, and analysis of flow cytometry data from the BD FACSAria™ III workstation. BD FACSDiva software is common across many BD cell analyzers and cell sorters, including BD FACSCanto™ and BD™ LSR systems. Researchers gain application flexibility because it is easier to move the assay design and optimization to another platform, for example, from analysis to sorting.

Cytometer setup and tracking

The Cytometer Setup and Tracking (CS&T) feature of BD FACSDiva software establishes baseline settings and optimizes instrument sensitivity and fluorescent resolution. The software reduces the chances of operator error, and ensures consistency of results. It allows for the creation of application-specific settings for rapid performance of routine experiments in a more consistent manner. Tracking capabilities in the software measure a number of instrument settings and report on performance, simplifying daily quality control. Levey-Jennings plots help users understand instrument performance and identify maintenance issues.

BD FACSDiva software helps you move from analysis to sorting

Fast startup to sort time:

1. Turn on the sorter.
2. Start the fluidics.
3. Perform automated setup, QC,
    and drop delay optimization.
4. Optimize the sample.
5. Perform the sort.

Acquisition and analysis

BD FACSDiva software enables researchers to preview and record data from multiple samples with an automated acquisition process. The software manages acquisition templates, experiment layouts, and compensation procedures to further facilitate data acquisition.

For efficient and convenient analysis, the software provides automated hierarchical snap-to gating, user selectable plot configurations, and batch analysis function. Recorded data can be analyzed by creating plots, gates, population hierarchies, and statistical views on a BD FACSDiva global worksheet. Once the global worksheet is saved, it can be used to analyze multiple sample tubes from an experiment, thereby saving time. Other productivity benefits come from features such as user-definable batch analysis and automated gate resizing, pausing between data files, exporting statistics, and printing before proceeding to the next data file.

Digital electronics

The gel-coupled cuvette and electronics operate together to deliver the maximum amount of signal information about each particle. The electronic sampling rate is precisely matched to the speed of the particles flowing through the cuvette. The BD FACSAria III electronic design has demonstrated linear and accurate event data acquisition at up to 70,000 events per second (shown in graph below).

BD FACSAria III system acquisition rates
BD FACSAria III system acquisition rates