Custom Products

BD custom services provide personalized solutions designed to supply researchers with the widest choice of tools to support their studies.

As a recognized leader in multicolor flow cytometry, BD’s custom product offerings include antibody conjugates, multicolor cocktails, and assay services delivered by scientists with deep expertise in multicolor flow cytometry and multiplexed protein assay development. BD custom products are backed by customer care delivered by highly-qualified BD technical and application support personnel.

When it comes to single-color reagents, our broad portfolio of antibodies and fluorochromes is designed to satisfy your research needs. However, standard vial sizes and color options for esoteric markers might not support the design of optimal flow cytometry panels to answer today’s most challenging biological questions.

BD Biosciences customized reagents are designed and configured to your specifications to accelerate the pace of discovery in your lab.

Need more than a single-color reagent? Learn more about BD Biosciences customized cell analysis and reagent services provided by the Custom Technology Team (CTT).

To inquire about solutions to your custom research needs, submit your questions and requests to: Custom Product Request or email us at

Fluorochromes available for custom antibody conjugation.

Fluorochromes available for custom antibody conjugation.


Custom biotin-conjugated antibodies are also available.

Other Services

For researchers requiring custom conjugates of antibody specificities not offered by the Express Conjugation Service, full access to the BD Pharmingen portfolio of antibodies is available through a standard service with quantities and lead times that vary by format. Additionally, BD offers a test-ready conjugation service using our portfolio of RUO-GMP reagents to provide research and clinical labs with custom antibody conjugates that can be quickly and reliably incorporated into laboratory protocols.

For comprehensive services, including multicolor tools for immunophenotyping and immune function testing, assay development, contract manufacturing, and assay services, BD’s Custom Technology Team works as an extension of a client’s team to provide state-of-the-art tools to advance discovery and development programs.

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