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Alexa Fluor® 647 Mouse Anti-Human CD51

BD Pharmingen™ Alexa Fluor® 647 Mouse Anti-Human CD51

Clone: NKI-M9 Size:25 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:565835

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APC-R700 Mouse Anti-Human CD5

BD Horizon™ APC-R700 Mouse Anti-Human CD5

Clone: UCHT2 Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:565122

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BV421 Mouse Anti-Ki-67

BD Horizon™ BV421 Mouse Anti-Ki-67

Clone: B56 Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:565929

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PerCP-Cy™5.5 Rat Anti-Mouse CD19

BD Pharmingen™ PerCP-Cy™5.5 Rat Anti-Mouse CD19

Clone: 1D3 Size:25 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:561113

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FITC Mouse Anti-Human CD43

BD Pharmingen™ FITC Mouse Anti-Human CD43

Clone: 1G10 Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:560978

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BV421 Mouse Anti-Human CD86

BD Horizon™ BV421 Mouse Anti-Human CD86

Clone: 2331 (FUN-1) Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:562433

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PerCP-Cy™5.5 Mouse Anti-Mouse CD45.2

BD Pharmingen™ PerCP-Cy™5.5 Mouse Anti-Mouse CD45.2

Clone: 104 Size:25 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:561096

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PE-Cy™5 Mouse Anti-Human CD184

BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™5 Mouse Anti-Human CD184

Clone: 12G5 Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:560937

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FITC Rat anti-Mouse Ly-6G

BD Pharmingen™ FITC Rat anti-Mouse Ly-6G

Clone: 1A8 Size:25 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:561105

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V450 Rat Anti-Mouse CD335 (NKp46)

BD Horizon™ V450 Rat Anti-Mouse CD335 (NKp46)

Clone: 29A1.4 Size:25 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:560764

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BB515 Mouse Anti-Human CD25

BD Horizon™ BB515 Mouse Anti-Human CD25

Clone: 2A3 Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:564468

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APC-H7 Rat anti-Mouse CD117

BD Pharmingen™ APC-H7 Rat anti-Mouse CD117

Clone: 2B8 Size:25 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:560250

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PE Rat Anti-Mouse CD117

BD Pharmingen™ PE Rat Anti-Mouse CD117

Clone: 2B8 Size:25 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:561075

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PE-Cy™7 Rat anti-Mouse CD117

BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Rat anti-Mouse CD117

Clone: 2B8 Size:25 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:561681

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PE Hamster Anti-Mouse CD61

BD Pharmingen™ PE Hamster Anti-Mouse CD61

Clone: 2C9.G2 (also known as HMβ3-1) Size:25 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:561910

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APC Mouse Anti-Human CD137

BD Pharmingen™ APC Mouse Anti-Human CD137

Clone: 4B4-1 Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:561702

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FITC Mouse Anti-Human IFN-γ

BD Pharmingen™ FITC Mouse Anti-Human IFN-γ

Clone: 4S.B3 Size:25 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:561057

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PE Mouse Anti-Human CD106

BD Pharmingen™ PE Mouse Anti-Human CD106

Clone: 51-10C9 Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:561679

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BV650 Mouse Anti-Human CD62P

BD Horizon™ BV650 Mouse Anti-Human CD62P

Clone: AK-4 (also known as AK4 or AK 4) Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:564035

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PE Mouse Anti-Human CD42a

BD Pharmingen™ PE Mouse Anti-Human CD42a

Clone: ALMA.16 Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:561853

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