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BV421 Rat Anti-Mouse CD140A

BD Horizon™ BV421 Rat Anti-Mouse CD140A

Clone: APA5 Size:25 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:566293

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BV421 Mouse Anti-Human CD184

BD Horizon™ BV421 Mouse Anti-Human CD184

Clone: 12G5 Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:566282

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BV421 Mouse Anti-Human CD133

BD Horizon™ BV421 Mouse Anti-Human CD133

Clone: 293C3 Size:25 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:566598

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PE Mouse Anti-Human IL-3Rα (CD123)

BD Pharmingen™ PE Mouse Anti-Human IL-3Rα (CD123)

Clone: 6H6 Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:566920

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PE-Cy™5-Mouse Anti-Human CD34

BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™5-Mouse Anti-Human CD34

Clone: 581 Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:561819

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BV421 Mouse Anti-Human CD45

BD Horizon™ BV421 Mouse Anti-Human CD45

Clone: HI30 Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:563880

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Alexa Fluor® 488 Rat anti-Mouse Foxp3

BD Pharmingen™ Alexa Fluor® 488 Rat anti-Mouse Foxp3

Clone: MF23 Size:25 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:560407

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BV605 Mouse Anti-Human CD3

BD Horizon™ BV605 Mouse Anti-Human CD3

Clone: SK7 (also known as Leu-4) Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:563217

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BB515 Mouse Anti-Human CD35

BD Horizon™ BB515 Mouse Anti-Human CD35

Clone: E11 Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:566021

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BB700 Rat Anti-Human CXCR5 (CD185)

BD Horizon™ BB700 Rat Anti-Human CXCR5 (CD185)

Clone: RF8B2 Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:566470

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PE Mouse Anti-Human CD81

BD Pharmingen™ PE Mouse Anti-Human CD81

Clone: JS-81 Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:561957

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BV480 Rat Anti-Mouse CD117

BD Horizon™ BV480 Rat Anti-Mouse CD117

Clone: 2B8 Size:25 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:566081

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BV480 Mouse Anti-Human CD86

BD Horizon™ BV480 Mouse Anti-Human CD86

Clone: 2331 (FUN-1) Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:566180

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APC-R700 Mouse Anti-Human Neuropilin-1 (CD304)

BD Horizon™ APC-R700 Mouse Anti-Human Neuropilin-1 (CD304)

Clone: U21-1283 Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:566039

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APC-H7 Rat anti-Mouse CD19

BD Pharmingen™ APC-H7 Rat anti-Mouse CD19

Clone: 1D3 Size:25 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:560245

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APC Mouse Anti-Human CD137

BD Pharmingen™ APC Mouse Anti-Human CD137

Clone: 4B4-1 Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:561702

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FITC Rat Anti-Mouse CD4

BD Pharmingen™ FITC Rat Anti-Mouse CD4

Clone: GK1.5 Size:25 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:561828

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FITC Mouse Anti-Human CD27

BD Pharmingen™ FITC Mouse Anti-Human CD27

Clone: M-T271 Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:560986

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PerCP-Cy™5.5 Mouse Anti-Mouse NK-1.1

BD Pharmingen™ PerCP-Cy™5.5 Mouse Anti-Mouse NK-1.1

Clone: PK136 Size:25 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:561111

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PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse CD4

BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse CD4

Clone: RM4-5 (also known as RM4.5) Size:25 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:561099

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