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BD Accuri C6 Plus Flow Cytometer Brochure (Brochure)

Easy to use, simple to maintain, and affordable, the BD Accuri™ C6 Plus personal flow cytometer brings cell analysis within reach for new applications and new flow cytometry users.

BD Accuri™ C6 Plus System Self-Installation Guide (Manual)

This guide provides the initial instructions for installing the BD Accuri C6 Plus system. If you have questions, or requirefurther clarification, see the BD Accuri C6 Plus System User’s Guide or contact technical support.

Getting Started Guide for Using BD FACSJazz™ Cell Sorters with BD FACS™ Sortware Sorter Software (Manual)

This guide contains instructions for using BD FACS™ Sortware sorter software v1.X withBD FACSJazz™ cell sorters.

BD FACSMelody™ Cell Sorter (Brochure)

Cell sorting is fast becoming an essential step on the path to deeper understanding and new discoveries in the life sciences. Although cell sorting often is performed on instruments owned by core labs, there are issues associated with transporting samples and timely access.

BD FACSMelody™ Cell Sorter Technical specifications (Technical Document)

The BD FACSMelody™ sorter offers a simplified and streamlined approach to cell sorting. With a combination of high quality BD hardware, software and reagents, the BD FACSMelody system allows for fast, reproducible results to be achieved regardless of operator skill level. A streamlined workflow helps improve lab efficiency and throughput.

BD Horizon™ Fixable Viability Stain (FVS) Reagents: Live/Dead Cell Discrimination on the BD Accuri C (Product Info Sheet)

BD Horizon™ Fixable Viability Stains (FVS) are amine-reactive dyes that can discriminate viable from non-viable mammalian cells based on fluorescence intensity.

BD Horizon Brilliant™ Violet Imaging Reagents (Product Info Sheet)

The BD Horizon Brilliant™ polymer dyes were developed exclusively by BD Biosciences. These dyes deliver brighter immunofluorescent reagents compared to conventional dyes with equivalent background—a breakthrough in the field that enables increased sensitivity.

BD IMag™ Cell Separation System Product List (Catalog)

This includes the BD IMag™ Enrichment Protocol Flow Chart, BD IMag™ Sets for Enrichment, BD IMag™ Reagents for Positive Selection, and BD IMag™ Supporting Products.

BD Biosciences Nucleic Acid Dyes (Product Info Sheet)

BD Biosciences offers a rainbow of nucleic acid dyes for DNAcontent analysis, viability analysis, and immunofluorescenceimaging for use with multiple laser lines

Freezing and Thawing of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) (Technical Document)

Cryopreserved PBMCs are a common specimen source for future phenotypic and functional analyses. It is important to have an optimized protocol for freezing and thawing PBMCs to retain viability and function for future analyses by flow cytometry.

Live Cell Discrimination and Simultaneous Measurement (Technical Document)

Live Cell Discrimination and Simultaneous Measurement of Phosphorylation and Cell Surface Markers in Thawed and Activated Human PBMCs Using BD Horizon™ Fixable Viability Stain 450, BD Cytofix™ Fixation Buffer, and BD Phosflow™ Perm Buffer III

Windows 7 Upgrade Instructions (Manual)

This document is for customers who are upgrading a BD cytometer system withone of the following software applications: BD FACSDiva™ software version 8.0.1 (from v6.0 and later), BD FACSCanto™ clinical software version 3.0 (from v2.2 and later), and BD FACS™ SPA software version 5.0 (from v4.0.2 and later)

BD APC-H7 Conjugated Antibody Reagents (Product Info Sheet)

BD™ APC-H7 from BD Biosciences offers a new level of stability, making it easier to achieve reliable results across a broad range of multicolor flow cytometry applications.

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