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APC Rat Anti-Mouse CD185 (CXCR5)

BD Pharmingen™ APC Rat Anti-Mouse CD185 (CXCR5)

Clone: 2G8 Size:50 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:560615

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APC-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Mouse CD45.2

BD Pharmingen™ APC-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Mouse CD45.2

Clone: 104 Size:50 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:560694

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APC Hamster Anti-Mouse CD69

BD Pharmingen™ APC Hamster Anti-Mouse CD69

Clone: H1.2F3 Size:50 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:560689

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APC Mouse Anti-Human CD107a

BD Pharmingen™ APC Mouse Anti-Human CD107a

Clone: H4A3 Size:50 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:560664

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APC Rat Anti-Mouse CD14

BD Pharmingen™ APC Rat Anti-Mouse CD14

Clone: rmC5-3 Size:50 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:560634

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Purified Rat Anti-Human CD201

BD Pharmingen™ Purified Rat Anti-Human CD201

Clone: RCR-252 Size:0.1 mg Status:RUO Cat No.:552500

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APC Rat Anti-Human IL-2

BD Pharmingen™ APC Rat Anti-Human IL-2

Clone: MQ1-17H12 Size:50 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:551383

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APC Mouse anti-Mouse IL-27 p28 (IL-30)

BD Pharmingen™ APC Mouse anti-Mouse IL-27 p28 (IL-30)

Clone: MM27.7B1 Size:50 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:562792

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APC Rat Anti-Human IL-13

BD Pharmingen™ APC Rat Anti-Human IL-13

Clone: JES10-5A2 Size:50 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:561162

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APC-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse IFN-γ

BD Pharmingen™ APC-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse IFN-γ

Clone: XMG1.2 Size:50 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:561479

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APC Rat Anti-Mouse Ly-49G2

BD Pharmingen™ APC Rat Anti-Mouse Ly-49G2

Clone: 4D11 Size:0.1 mg Status:RUO Cat No.:555316

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APC-H7 Mouse Anti-Human CD44

BD Pharmingen™ APC-H7 Mouse Anti-Human CD44

Clone: G44-26 (also known as C26) Size:50 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:560532

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APC Mouse Anti-Human CD244

BD Pharmingen™ APC Mouse Anti-Human CD244

Clone: 2-69 Size:50 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:562350

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APC Rat Anti-Mouse CD223

BD Pharmingen™ APC Rat Anti-Mouse CD223

Clone: C9B7W Size:50 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:562346

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APC-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Rat CD45RA

BD Pharmingen™ APC-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Rat CD45RA

Clone: OX-33 Size:50 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:561624

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APC Rat Anti-Mouse CD49b

BD Pharmingen™ APC Rat Anti-Mouse CD49b

Clone: DX5 Size:50 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:560628

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APC Mouse Anti-Rat CD59

BD Pharmingen™ APC Mouse Anti-Rat CD59

Clone: TH9 Size:50 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:562103

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APC-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse Flk-1

BD Pharmingen™ APC-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse Flk-1

Clone: Avas 12α1 Size:50 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:561252

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APC-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse TNF

BD Pharmingen™ APC-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse TNF

Clone: MP6-XT22 Size:50 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:560658

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APC Rat Anti-Human IL-4

BD Pharmingen™ APC Rat Anti-Human IL-4

Clone: MP4-25D2 Size:0.1 mg Status:RUO Cat No.:554486

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