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Anti-Rat Ig, κ Light Chain Particles - DM

BD IMag™ Anti-Rat Ig, κ Light Chain Particles - DM

Clone: MRK-1 Size:5 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:558002

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Buffer (10X)

BD IMag™ Buffer (10X)

Clone: Size:100 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:552362

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Cell Separation Magnet

BD IMag™ Cell Separation Magnet

Clone: Size: Status:RUO Cat No.:552311

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Anti-Mouse IgG1 Magnetic Particles - DM

BD IMag™ Anti-Mouse IgG1 Magnetic Particles - DM

Clone: A85-1 Size:5 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:557983

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APC Magnetic Particles - DM

BD IMag™ APC Magnetic Particles - DM

Clone: E30-221 Size:5 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:557932

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Anti- R-Phycoerythrin (PE) Magnetic Particles - DM

BD IMag™ Anti- R-Phycoerythrin (PE) Magnetic Particles - DM

Clone: E31-1459 Size:5 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:557899

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Streptavidin Particles Plus - DM

BD IMag™ Streptavidin Particles Plus - DM

Clone: Size:5 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:557812

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