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Cell Cycle Kit

BD Pharmingen™ Cell Cycle Kit

Size:100 mg Status:RUO Cat No.:558662

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BrdU <i>In-Situ</i> Detection Kit

BD Pharmingen™ BrdU In-Situ Detection Kit

Size:50 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:550803

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AEC Substrate Kit

BD Pharmingen™ AEC Substrate Kit

Size:500 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:551015

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FITC Hamster Anti-Mouse Bcl-2 Set

BD Pharmingen™ FITC Hamster Anti-Mouse Bcl-2 Set

Size:100 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:554221

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Dyes/Probes(3 of 12) results found

Hoechst 33342 Solution

BD Pharmingen™ Hoechst 33342 Solution

Size:1 mg Status:RUO Cat No.:561908

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Green Nucleic Acid Stain

BD Via-Probe™ Green Nucleic Acid Stain

Size:0.5 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:565802

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Red Nucleic Acid Stain

BD Via-Probe™ Red Nucleic Acid Stain

Size:0.1 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:565803

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Buffers/Solutions(7 of 7) results found

Antibody Diluent for IHC

BD Pharmingen™ Antibody Diluent for IHC

Size:125 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:559148

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DAB Substrate Kit

BD Pharmingen™ DAB Substrate Kit

Size:500 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:550880

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ICC Fixation Buffer

BD Pharmingen™ ICC Fixation Buffer

Size:100 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:550010

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IHC Zinc Fixative

BD Pharmingen™ IHC Zinc Fixative

Size:1000 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:550523

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BD Retrievagen B (pH 9.5)

BD Pharmingen™ BD Retrievagen B (pH 9.5)

Size:250 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:550527

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Stain Buffer (BSA)

BD Pharmingen™ Stain Buffer (BSA)

Size:500 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:554657

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Antibodies-Multicolor(2 of 2) results found

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