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BD OneFlow™ B-CLPD T1

Clone: 1G102D13A2-2E7 (also known as SN8)EBVCS-5 (also known as EBVCS 5)L27MEM-78MRC OX-104SJ25C1 (also known as SJ25-C1) Size:20 Tests Status:CE/IVD Cat No.:659293

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BD OneFlow™ PCD

Clone: 104D22D1HB7JS-81L128L293MI15SJ25C1 (also known as SJ25-C1) Size:10 Tests Status:CE/IVD Cat No.:659913

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BD OneFlow™ LST

Clone: 1-155-211F22D1HB7L17F12L27MY31SJ25C1 (also known as SJ25-C1)SK1SK3 (also known as Leu3a)SK7 (also known as Leu-4)TB28-2 Size:20 Tests Status:CE/IVD Cat No.:658619

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BD OneFlow™ PCST

Clone: 1-155-22D1HB7MI15MY31SJ25C1 (also known as SJ25-C1)TB28-2TÜ99 Size:10 Tests Status:CE/IVD Cat No.:659912

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BD OneFlow™ ALOT

Clone: 2D18G12 (also known as HPCA2)HM57M-T701MPO-7SJ25C1 (also known as SJ25-C1)SK7 (also known as Leu-4)UCHT1 (also known as UCHT-1; UCHT 1) Size:10 Tests Status:CE/IVD Cat No.:660228

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