BD FACSLyric™ Research System

The power to transform

The BD FACSLyric flow cytometry solution combines simplicity, speed and automation to ease workflow and improve productivity. This next-generation flow cytometer enables standardization and collaboration through consistent results and unique assay portability capabilities.

Built on a foundation of excellence, experience and expertise, the BD FACSLyric is a new standard for cell analysis, transforming the way your lab does flow cytometry. As with all BD instruments, the BD FACSLyric is backed by 40 years of BD expert training, service and support - so there's no limit to our potential.

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Just the FACS

  • 2 lasers—blue and red—and 6 fluorescence channels (IVD assays)
  • Up to 3 lasers—blue, red and violet—and 10 fluorescence channels (User-defined assays)
  • 35,000 events per second maximum acquisition rate; no limit on number of events acquired
  • Automated single-tube QC with BD™ CS&T beads
  • Fluorescence compensation required only every 60 days
  • 30- or 40-tube autoloader-flexibility with BD FACS™ Universal Loader

Modular and upgradeable to grow along with your changing lab needs.

  • Up to 12 parameters.
  • 4, 6, 8 or 10 ideally distributed colors across 3 lasers in order to minimize spectral spillover, resulting in higher sensitivity.
  • On-site upgrade at any time.

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External Components

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A single sample, no matter how rare, can show an essential difference.

Multicolor analysis provides more answers from a single tube and decreases cost by reducing the number of tubes and reagents required to reach a diagnosis.

Runs at rates up to 35,000 events per second, sample carryover ≤ 0.05%.

  • Acquires a large number of events rapidly; useful for rare populations.
  • There is no limit on events acquired.

Outstanding resolution at all flow rates.

  • Enables faster detection without compromising quality. (Figure 1)

Improvement in stain index of 8-190% across all parameters.

  • Better separation enables faster analysis and easier gating. (Figure 2)
  • Higher sensitivity makes dim and rare populations easier to resolve. (Figure 3)

Figure 1: Flow rate

Figure 2: Peak resolution of BD FACSLyric™ vs the BD FACSCanto™ II system.

Figure 3: Improved resolution of dim population

A single lab, no matter how remote, can partner in driving a new diagnostic standard.

Reproducibility between instruments and assay portability drives collaboration and standardization

Standardization across multiple instruments is now possible.

  • The variability of the MFI across six BD FACSLyric™ instruments is <8%.
  • These values for biological measurements prove unprecedented standardization.
  Median Fluorescence Intensity
Antigen Fluorochrome #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 % CV
CD4 FITC 1,891 1,699 1,816 1,865 1,661 1,691 5.6%
CD4 PE 16,781 16,781 17,393 18,363 16,993 17,482 3.5%
CD4 PerCP-Cy5.5 4,615 4,847 4,546 5,012 4,661 4,913 3.9%
CD4 PE-Cy7 25,402 27,600 26,066 29,213 30,510 26,393 7.2%
CD4 APC 20,064 21,163 20,768 29,213 30,510 26,393 7.2%
CD3 APC-R700 25,238 27,083 26,202 27,982 29,449 26,147 5.6%
CD4 APC-H7 7,406 7,662 7,607 8,000 8,119 7,634 3.5%
CD4 V450 5,234 5,220 5,473 5,299 5,631 5,581 3.3%
CD4 V500-C 2,294 2,332 2,338 2,354 2,318 2,039 5.2%

Table 1: MFI across six BD FACSLyric instruments.
The CVs of the fluorescence intensity across all nine parameters varies by less than 8%. These values for biological measurements prove unprecedented standardization.

Collaboration is simple through a unique BD feature enabling assay portability and sharing.

  • Easily share user-defined templates via email or USB with collaborators within your lab or around the world.
  • Assay portability simplifies and shortens the time to validate multiple instruments within your lab.

Standardization drives collaboration

BD FACSLyric™ System Testimonials

See what customers are saying about the BD FACSLyric™, our next generation flow cytometry solution that enables standardization and collaboration through consistent results and unique assay portability capabilities.

FACSLyric - Testimonials - Dr. Hoffman “The BD FACSLyric is a system for everyday work that every technician can use.”

—Dr. Dennis Hoffman, Labor Wisplinghoff, Cologne, Germany
FACSLyric - Testimonials - Dr. Bray “The flow crossmatch market may be one of the smallest, but standardization has the potential to have one of the greatest clinical impacts. It’s the little things that make a big difference in healthcare.”

—Dr. Robert Bray, Emory University, Atlanta, GA
FACSLyric - Testimonials - Dr. Wang “BD is positioned with BD™ CS&T and BD™ FC bead technology to enable instrument standardization simply from day to day, instrument to instrument, and lab to lab. Reference control based instrument standardization is the most important “next step” for clinical flow cytometry."

—Dr. Lili Wang, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD
FACSLyric - Testimonials - Dr. Kromminga “The consistency and the regulatory compliance of FACSLyric’s output is what really drew us to the platform. It is currently unmatched by other flow cytometers in its ability to generate reliable, repeatable results across tests and instruments – even for the most complex assays we deal with day to day. We’ve found it particularly beneficial for multi-parameter testing for CAR T cells and immunophenotyping in immune-oncology for non-clinical and clinical analysis.”

—Dr. Arno Kromminga, Chief Scientific Officer, BioAgilytix Europe

Class 1 Laser Product.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
The BD FACSLyric™ flow cytometer is for Research Use Only with BD FACSuite™ software for up to 12 colors.
The 12-color BD FACSLyric™ flow cytometer is for Research Use Only.
Cy™ is a trademark of GE Healthcare. Cy™ dyes are subject to proprietary rights of GE Healthcare and Carnegie Mellon University, and are made and sold under license from GE Healthcare only for research and in vitro diagnostic use. Any other use requires a commercial sublicense from GE Healthcare, 800 Centennial Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08855-1327, USA.

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