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6-color TBNK Reagent

BD Multitest™ 6-color TBNK Reagent

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BD Multitest™
Flow cytometry


BD Multitest™ 6-color TBNK reagent with optional BD Trucount™ tubes is a six-color direct immunofluorescence reagent for use with BD FACSCanto™ and BD FACSCanto™ II flow cytometers to identify and determine the percentages and absolute counts of T, B, and natural killer (NK) cells as well as the CD4 and CD8 subpopulations of T cells in peripheral blood. BD Multitest 6-color TBNK reagent and BD Trucount tubes can be used with the BD FACS™ Loader.

Contents: CD3 FITC / CD16 PE + CD56 PE / CD45 PerCP-Cy™5.5 / CD4 PE-Cy™7 / CD19 APC / CD8 APC-Cy™7.

662967 Rev. 1
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Description Clone Isotype EntrezGene ID
CD3 FITC SK7 IgG1, κ N/A
CD16 (FcγRIII) PE B73.1 IgG1, κ N/A
CD56 (NCAM-1) PE NCAM16.2 IgG2b, κ N/A
CD45 PerCP-Cy5.5 N/A N/A N/A
CD4 PE-Cy7 N/A N/A N/A
CD19 APC SJ25C1 IgG1, κ N/A
662967 Rev. 1

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