BD™ AbSeq


BD AbSeq antibody-oligonucleotide conjugates

Deepen your understanding and accelerate your research with the BD AbSeq multiomic assay for single-cell analysis

BD AbSeq conjugates enable simultaneous detection of protein and mRNA expression in a single experiment.

One readout, two insights

The BD AbSeq assay combines genomics and immunology technologies to facilitate even deeper single-cell analysis insights.

Enhanced cell-type identification

BD AbSeq with mRNA analysis elucidates complex biological systems with distinct clustering of different cell subsets.

Ultra-high parameter protein detection

The assay enables high-parameter interrogation of cell-surface protein markers in a single panel.

Integrated tools for a harmonized process

A catalog of assays—mRNA-Seq, protein detection and multiplexing—are designed as a single multiomics solution.

Trusted clones for broad choice

The validated BD antibody portfolio provides a broad range of specificities for BD AbSeq antibody-oligo conjugates.

An optimized solution by design

The assay is designed for use with the BD Rhapsody™ and BD Rhapsody™ Express single-cell analysis systems.

Ready resolution of mRNA and protein data

Integrated molecule, cell, and sample barcoding schemes allow analytes to be easily deconvoluted with bioinformatics.

Efficient workflow with maximum insight

Simultaneous mRNA and protein capture negates the need to split rare or small samples for different assays

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures
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