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Purified Hamster Anti-Mouse IL-1β
Product Details
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BD Pharmingen™
Mouse (QC Testing)
Armenian Hamster IgG, λ1
Mouse IL-1β Protein
ELISA Capture (Routinely Tested), Neutralization (Tested During Development), Immunoprecipitation/Western blot (Reported)
0.5 mg/ml
Aqueous buffered solution containing ≤0.09% sodium azide.

Preparation And Storage

The monoclonal antibody was purified from tissue culture supernatant or ascites by affinity chromatography. Store undiluted at 4°C.

Recommended Assay Procedures

ELISA Capture: The purified B122 antibody (Cat. No. 550605) is useful as a capture antibody for a sandwich ELISA that measures mouse IL-1β protein levels. Purified B122 antibody can be paired with a biotinylated anti-mouse IL-1β as a detecting antibody, with recombinant mouse IL-1β (Cat. No. 554577) as the standard. Purified B122 antibody should be titrated 1-4 µg/ml to determine its optimal concentration for ELISA capture. To obtain linear standard curves, doubling dilutions of mouse IL-1β ranging from ~2000 pg/ml to 30 pg/ml are recommended for inclusion in each ELISA plate. For specific methodology please visit the protocols sections or the chapter on ELISA in the Immune Function Handbook, both of which are posted on our web site,

Note: For assay of mouse IL-1β in serum or plasma samples, the BD OptEIA™ Mouse IL-1β ELISA Set, Cat. No. 559603 is recommended.

IP/WB: The B122 antibody has been reported to be useful for immunoprecipitation and Western blotting studies. Please note that this application is not routinely tested at BD Biosciences Pharmingen.

Product Notices

  1. Since applications vary, each investigator should titrate the reagent to obtain optimal results.
  2. Please refer to for technical protocols.
  3. Caution: Sodium azide yields highly toxic hydrazoic acid under acidic conditions. Dilute azide compounds in running water before discarding to avoid accumulation of potentially explosive deposits in plumbing.
550605 Rev. 1
Antibody Details
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The B122 antibody recognizes the precursor and mature secreted forms of the mouse IL-1β protein. B122 neutralizes the biological activity of mouse IL-1β, but not the biological activities of mouse IL-1α nor human IL-1β. B122 does not recognize mouse IL-2, IL-4, IL-6, IL-10, TNF or IFN-γ. This antibody also recognizes rat IL-1β. The immunogen used to generate the B122 hybridoma was a purified, mature form of the mouse IL-1β protein.

550605 Rev. 1
Format Details
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Tissue culture supernatant is purified by either protein A/G or affinity purification methods. Both methods yield antibody in solution that is free of most other soluble proteins, lipids, etc. This format provides pure antibody that is suitable for a number of downstream applications including: secondary labeling for flow cytometry or microscopy, ELISA, Western blot, etc.
550605 Rev.1
Citations & References
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550605 Rev. 1

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