Concentration Lookup

Concentration Lookup - Intro

Using BD certificates and regulatory documents to find concentration

Instructions on looking up the concentration of test-size human reagents by searching the BD Regulatory Documents website are provided below.

Search BD Certificates and Regulatory Documents

Add Catalog and Lot Numbers

  • Once on the BD Regulatory Documents Search page, input catalog number and lot number in the corresponding fields, click Search. Catalog and lot number information can be found on the product vial.
  • To search for multiple certificates, input catalog and lot numbers in their respective fields, then click Add to List. Repeat. Once all product information has been added, click Search.
Catalog and Lot Numbers

View Certificate of Analysis (COA)

  • In the search results, click View Certificate. This will open the certificate in PDF format in a separate window.
Certifcate of Analysis

Find Product Concentration

  • The concentration of the substance will be listed in ug/test in the document.
Product Concentration

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