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A true evolution in flow cytometry is empowered by BD FACSuite™ software. It enables BD analyzers to provide standardization, consistency and flexibility while generating the highest quality reproducible data possible with the technology available today.

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Simplified Workflow

BD FACSuite software minimizes the number of user interactions with the instrument so that the user can spend more time working with samples. BD FACSuite software users can complete tasks at the click of a button for key workflows, from startup through instrument setup, sample acquisition, data analysis and system shutdown.

Streamlined Setup

BD FACSuite software streamlines instrument setup to achieve a new level of ease of use and reproducibility in cytometer setup and subsequent analysis.

BD FACSuite™ CS&T Research Beads are used to check the cytometer performance and automatically make adjustments, ensuring consistent values from day to day and experiment to experiment. Comprehensive checks during system initialization and setup, including performance QC, verify system performance, ensure that detector settings are optimal and triggers the automated laser alignment process if required. The entire setup process can be performed without manual intervention.

A New Approach Enabling Easy, Flexible Compensation

Accurate compensation is absolutely necessary for proper analysis of multicolor flow cytometric experiments, but it has always been a challenging and time-consuming process for users.

In the past, generating accurate compensation matrices typically required running individual compensation controls for every fluorochrome used at least once a day. Thus, for a five-color experiment, all five fluorochromes would be run initially to determine their spillover values (SOVs) for a compensation matrix. To subsequently add a sixth fluorochrome to the experiment, users would have to re-run all six at the same time.

BD FACSuite software minimizes the frequency and number of compensation controls required by taking advantage of the accurate, reproducible instrument setup provided by a combination of BD FACSuite™ CS&T Research Beads and BD FACSuite™ FC Beads. A single 20-minute procedure using BD FACSuite FC Beads determines SOVs that are gain-independent. These values are valid for 30 days. To add a new fluorochrome to the system, users run just one control for the new fluorochrome. Finally, the calculation of gain-independent SOVs lets users modify photomultiplier tube voltages if required without re-running compensation controls. All SOVs are automatically recalculated.

Together, these features mean time savings every day, since the BD FACSVerse™ system significantly reduces the frequency and complexity of the compensation process. It does this while increasing the accuracy and reproducibility of SOVs, and therefore the final experimental results.

Automatic Startup, System Idle, and Shutdown

To increase laboratory efficiency and ensure the system is ready by a specified time each day, a timer in the software can be set to turn on the instrument and complete initialization and warmup routines. BD FACSuite software can also be programmed to shut down the BD FACSVerse system at the end of the worklist run or when the system is idle for a specified period of time. In the case of idle time shutdown, a dialog communicates that the system will be shutting down, so that users can cancel the shutdown if desired.

BD FACSuite Home Page

Representative CTN Data Acquired on a BD FACSVerse System

BD FACSuite Setup and QC Workspace

Streamlined Approach to Application Support

BD FACSuite™ software provides optional BD pre-defined research assays for apoptosis, cell cycle, cell proliferation, and cytokine detection that are matched with BD reagent kits for reproducible results.

User-defined experiments created in BD FACSuite software can be converted to reusable assays that include relevant settings, acquisition and analysis worksheets, gating strategies, and report parameters to reduce variability of data between users and between laboratories for the same application.

In addition, before samples are acquired, the software verifies that the system’s current configuration matches the configuration needed to run the experiment. If it identifies a mismatch, such as a different optical filter-mirror unit, the system alerts the user. This check can help streamline workflow and reliability of results.

Intuitive Workspaces for Ease of Adoption

The user interface is designed around three common workflows: setup, acquisition, and analysis. Workspaces provide users the functionality they need to perform the tasks relevant to a given workflow. For example, in the Setup workspace, users find the QC tools and tools for instrument configuration. In the Experiment workspace, users can adjust tube settings, plots and gates. These workflow-based workspaces reduce clutter to help users complete their tasks more quickly. Administrative functions such as user management, diagnostics and periodic maintenance procedures are accessible only to authorized personnel.

Multitasking Support for Added Productivity

The functions in BD FACSuite software workspaces operate both together and independently. The software supports multitasking, enabling users to work on several tasks simultaneously, such as performing data analysis while the system is acquiring data. A user even can prioritize a single sample for immediate analysis. Multitasking is yet another way that the software promotes a more flexible, productive workflow.

BD FACSuite Library Workspace

BD FACSuite Assay Worklist Workspace

BD FACSuite Experiment Workspace

Reliable Data Across Sites

For the first time, researchers have control to ensure consistent instrument setup and consistent experiment results (acquisition, analysis, gating strategies, and report parameters) in a single application—BD FACSuite software. Free from concerns about instrument and human variables, scientists can move forward in their research, reliably reproducing an experiment from one instrument to another and across sites.

Support for Security Standards and More

BD FACSuite software supports 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines for Electronic Records and Signatures to protect data integrity. This includes unique user identification and passwords, electronic signatures, and audit trails. In addition to meeting the requirements specified in the 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines, BD FACSuite software encrypts files and uses specially designed algorithms to ensure that data is not manipulated by unauthorized entities.

Optional Remote Systems Management

Optional remote systems management software enables BD field service personnel to access a networked BD FACSVerse™ system and review system performance and status using the System Health Report. This allows the BD service team to determine the nature and extent of the issue, and if possible repair the issue remotely to ensure minimal downtime. It also helps the BD service team to be better prepared if on-site support is required.

Greater Speed and Freedom for Data Analysis

BD FACSuite software offers a variety of ways to visualize data and tools to easily look more closely at data for analysis.

The data analysis tools let users examine data as dot plots, histograms, contours and density plots. For a better look at data, new hybrid contour plots combine standard dot plots with the coloring of contour plots. The information about contour statistics is available by hovering over the plot. A new capability lets users overlay dot plots within the same or different files. Gating tools include ellipses, polygons and free-hand polygons, as well as the traditional rectangle. Gates can be rotated as needed, and with a zoom feature, users can zoom in or out of areas of interest.

Several types of new quadrant markers provide additional flexibility, including a hinged marker to more precisely identify quadrants of interest.

An expression editor is also built into BD FACSuite software to speed analysis. The expression editor lets users develop mathematical expressions and assign them to keywords. Users can hover over a result for a display of the formula that was used to calculate it.

To assist with presentation, vector graphics provide superior quality images that can be easily cut and pasted into third-party software such as Microsoft® PowerPoint®. A new report generator produces high-quality reports that include color graphics and can be easily customized by dragging and dropping report elements.

Greater Speed and Freedom for Data Analysis

Representative CTN Data Acquired on a BD FACSVerse System

Greater Speed and Freedom for Data Analysis

Making global collaboration possible

BD FACSuite™ software provides an easy-to-use yet flexible interface for data acquisition and analysis with the BD FACSLyric™ system. The application is designed for user-defined assays and collaboration through the Assay Portability feature, and provides a simple, reproducible and transferrable setup. Instrument QC and setup are easy and fast.




BD™ CS&T Beads are used to check the cytometer performance and automatically make adjustments, ensuring consistent values from day to day and experiment to experiment. Comprehensive checks during system initialization and setup, including performance QC, verify system performance, ensure that detector settings are optimal and trigger the automated laser alignment process if required. The entire setup process can be performed without manual intervention.


Universal Setup ensures that setup is an easy, quick procedure for Instrument QC and Assay Setup for user-defined assays.

Time Saving

Measuring spillover in no longer a daily or weekly activity. On the BD FACSLyric flow cytometer, spillover value measurement is performed with pre-dispensed dried beads and reduced to once every 60 days. Spillover values are maintained within the system and updated automatically with PMTV changes.

Reproducible and Portable

A key aspect of effectively using multicolor flow is ensuring that the experiment can be performed consistently over time and across instruments. Universal setup ensures consistency of results over time. The Assay Portability feature within BD FACSuite software enables consistency across multiple systems, ensuring reproducibility over time, across operators and across instruments.

Reproducible Across Instruments

To help enable reproducible results day to day, between instruments, or between sites, it is critical that cytometer setup is standardized and efficient. The BD FACSLyric system enables users to accurately adjust gains to achieve fluorescence (median fluorescence intensity, MFI) target values that are consistent across the instrument. Setup standardization between instruments or across sites helps enable equivalency between assays or experiments. When assay settings are imported across six BD FACSLyric cytometers, target MFI values show high reproducibility and a variance below 10%.

  Median Fluorescence Intensity
Antigen Fluorochrome 1 2 3 4 5 6 %CV
CD4 FITC 1,891 1,699 1,816 1,865 1,661 1,691 5.6%
CD4 PE 16,781 16,781 17,393 18,363 16,993 17,482 3.5%
CD4 PerCP-Cy™5.5 4,615 4,847 4,546 5,012 4,661 4,913 3.9%
CD4 PE-Cy™7 25,402 27,600 26,066 29,213 30,510 26,393 7.2%
CD4 APC 20,064 21,163 20,768 20,600 20,990 18,848 4.2%
CD4 APC-R700 25,238 27,083 26,202 27,982 29,449 26,147 5.6%
CD4 APC-H7 7,406 7,662 7,607 8,000 8,119 7,634 5.6%
CD4 V450 5,234 5,220 5,473 5,299 5,631 5,581 3.3%
CD4 V500-C 2,294 2,332 2,338 2,354 2,318 2,039 5.2%

Between-instrument Reproducibility of Target MFI Values

Daily QC using one lot of BD CS&T beads was run on six 10-color BD FACSLyric cytometers. Target MFI values were defined and single-color stains of peripheral blood samples acquired on BD FACSLyric Instrument #1. Settings from Instrument #1 were imported onto, and the same set of stains acquired on, Instruments 2 through 6. The MFI of the relevant positive populations was measured for all parameters across all instruments. The %CV is shown.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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