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Anti-Human Lambda FITC/Kappa PE/CD20 PerCP-Cy™5.5

BD Oncomark™ Anti-Human Lambda FITC/Kappa PE/CD20 PerCP-Cy™5.5

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BD Oncomark™
Flow cytometry
Phosphate buffered saline with BSA and 0.1% sodium azide.


Anti-Lambda, clone 1-155-2, is derived from hybridization of mouse P3-X63-Ag8.653 myeloma cells with cells from BALB C/J mice immunized with human IgA1-λ myeloma protein.

Anti-Kappa, clone TB28-2, is derived from hybridization of mouse P3-X63-Ag8.653 myeloma cells with cells from CB6 (BC57b x BALB/c) mice immunized with human IgG-κ myeloma protein.

CD20, clone L27, is derived from hybridization of mouse Sp2/0 myeloma cells with spleen cells from BALB/c mice immunized with the LB lymphoblastoid cell line.

Anti-Lambda is specific for lambda light chains of human immunoglobulins.

Anti-Kappa is specific for kappa light chains of human immunoglobulins.

The CD20 antigen is a phosphoprotein with a molecular weight of 35 or 37 kilodaltons (kd) depending on the degree of phosphorylation. The antigen is not glycosylated.

Preparation And Storage

Store vials at 2–8°C. Do not freeze reagents; protect them from prolonged exposure to light. Each reagent is stable for the period shown on the bottle label when stored as directed.

346596 Rev. 1
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Description Clone Isotype EntrezGene ID
Ig, λ Light Chain FITC 1-155-2 IgG1, λ 931
Ig, κ light chain PE TB28-2 IgG1, κ 931
CD20 PerCP-Cy™5.5 14D4 IgG2a, κ 12267
346596 Rev. 1
Citations & References
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346596 Rev. 1

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