• Antibodies & Buffers

    Conjugated antibodies, purified antibodies, and buffers for cell biology and immunology.

  • Cell-Based Assays

    Assays, kits, and recombinant proteins for measuring cellular function including apoptosis, cell cycle, and proliferation.

  • Clinical Research - RUO (GMP)

    Conjugated antibodies, purified antibodies, antibody cocktails, and buffers for clinical research.

  • Immunoassays

    Beadā€based immunoassays, ELISA kits, and ELISPOT kits for soluble protein measurements.

  • Instrument Setup & Maintenance

    Maintain and monitor instrument performance and sensitivity with flow cytometer setup and tracking beads, sheath fluid, and cleaning solution.

  • Magnetic Cell Separation

    Kits for positive selection and enrichment of specific cell types using magnetic particles.

  • OptiBuild Custom Reagents

    On-demand single color antibodies for cell biology and immunology.

  • Protein Expression

    Insect cell growth media for Baculovirus protein expression.

  • Small Batch (CDRR)

    BD Biosciences Small Batch Clinical Discovery Research Reagents (CDRR) supply clinical researchers with tools to advance their clinical discovery.