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Antibodies-Primary  (18 of 227)   View more »

Description Clone Size Status Cat. No. List Price  
PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse CD24 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse CD24 M1/69  50 µg RUO 560536 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human MIP-1β BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human MIP-1β D21-1351  50 Tests RUO 560687 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD200 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD200 MRC OX-104  50 Tests RUO 562125 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse Flk-1 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse Flk-1 Avas 12alpha1  50 µg RUO 561259 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD3 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD3 UCHT1  100 Tests RUO 563423 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD335 (NKp46) BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD335 (NKp46) 9E2/NKp46 (also known as 9-E2)  50 Tests RUO 562101 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse CD107a BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse CD107a 1D4B  50 µg RUO 560647 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse CD43 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse CD43 S7  0.1 mg RUO 562866 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Mouse CD45.1 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Mouse CD45.1 A20  50 µg RUO 560578 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD7 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD7 M-T701  100 Tests RUO 564019 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse anti-NF-κB p65 (pS529) BD Phosflow™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse anti-NF-κB p65 (pS529) K10-895.12.50  50 Tests RUO 560335 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse anti-Stat5 (pY694) BD Phosflow™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse anti-Stat5 (pY694) 47/Stat5(pY694)  50 Tests RUO 560117 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse CD3 Molecular Complex BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse CD3 Molecular Complex 17A2  50 µg RUO 560591 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD44 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD44 G44-26 (also known as C26)  50 Tests RUO 560533 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse CD23 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse CD23 B3B4  0.1 mg RUO 562825 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Rat CD90/Mouse CD90.1 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Rat CD90/Mouse CD90.1 OX-7 (also known as OX7)  50 µg RUO 561404 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD73 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD73 AD2  50 Tests RUO 561258 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD21 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD21 B-ly4  50 Tests RUO 561374 Quick View



Antibodies-Secondary  (2 of 2)  

Description Clone Size Status Cat. No. List Price  
PE-Cy™7 Streptavidin BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Streptavidin 0.1 mg RUO 557598 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse Ig, κ Light Chain BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse Ig, κ Light Chain 187.1  50 µg RUO 560667 Quick View


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