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Description Clone Size Status Cat. No. List Price  
PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD45RA BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD45RA 5H9  50 Tests RUO 561216 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD40 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD40 5C3  50 Tests RUO 561215 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse TER-119/Erythroid Cells BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse TER-119/Erythroid Cells TER-119  0.1 mg RUO 557853 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD23 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD23 M-L233  50 Tests RUO 561167 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD235a BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD235a GA-R2 (HIR2)  50 Tests RUO 563666 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Rat CD4 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Rat CD4 OX-35  50 µg RUO 561578 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD20 BD Phosflow™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD20 H1 (also known as FB1)  50 Tests RUO 561175 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human IL-4 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human IL-4 8D4-8  50 Tests RUO 560672 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse Ly-49G2 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse Ly-49G2 4D11  50 µg RUO 560730 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse anti-Human CD64 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse anti-Human CD64 10.1  50 Tests RUO 561191 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD31 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD31 WM59 (also known as WM-59)  50 Tests RUO 563651 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD83 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD83 HB15e  50 Tests RUO 561132 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human TNF BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human TNF MAb11  50 Tests RUO 560678 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD16 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD16 3G8  50 Tests RUO 560716 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse CD11a BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse CD11a 2D7  0.1 mg RUO 558191 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse CD16/CD32 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse CD16/CD32 2.4G2  50 µg RUO 560829 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse IL-4 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse IL-4 11B11  50 µg RUO 560699 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse anti-Ki-67 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse anti-Ki-67 B56  50 Tests RUO 561283 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse CD4 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Rat Anti-Mouse CD4 GK1.5  50 µg RUO 563933 Quick View


PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD134 BD Pharmingen™ PE-Cy™7 Mouse Anti-Human CD134 ACT35 (also known as Ber-ACT35)  50 Tests RUO 563663 Quick View


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