BD Biosciences instruments and reagents are backed by a world-class service and support organization with unmatched flow cytometry experience.

Our integrated approach combines high content bioimaging and flow cytometry instrumentation with trusted, certified reagents, and advanced applications. The BD Biosciences tools enable our customers to discover more and obtain the most complete picture of cell function, and at the same time experience improved workflow, ease of use, and optimal performance.

Researchers come to BD Biosciences not only for quality products, but as a trusted lab partner. Our repository of in-depth, up-to-date knowledge and experience is available to customers through comprehensive training, application and technical support, and expert field service.

For example, our website, bdbiosciences.com, now incorporates BD Cell Pathways, a collection of detailed, interconnected, interactive maps of biological signaling and metabolic pathways. Researchers can look up specific genes or molecules in the knowledge database, trace the pathways that involve them, and find BD products related to them.

Technical Applications Support

BD Biosciences technical applications support specialists are available to provide field- or phone-based assistance and advice. Expert in a diverse array of topics, BD technical application specialists are well equipped to address customer needs in both instrument and applications support.