Easy to learn, easy to use

The intuitive design of BD FACSVia™ clinical software enables novice and veteran users alike to collect, analyze and report data in just a few hours, minimizing the time and cost necessary to train new staff members. And, with automated compensation, instrument settings do not need to be adjusted to obtain accurate results, which means quicker setup and less chance of errors.

With online elearning, remote diagnostics and hands-on training from a BD FACSVia™ specialist, you are ensured staff proficiency and productivity.

Save valuable bench space

You get the performance of a high quality clinical flow cytometer in a space-saving system that easily fits on a benchtop. This compact footprint delivers improved ergonomics for the health and safety of your staff. In addition, by placing the instrument in a laminar flow hood, biohazard containment requirements are met.

Class 1 Laser Product.
Unless otherwise noted, CE marked, For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.