Enumeration of residual leucocytes in blood products

The BD FACSVia™ System helps you do more with less, improving laboratory efficiency. The easy-to-use BD FACSVia System and BD Leucocount™ kit provide an accurate and consistent approach to identifying and enumerating residual white blood cells (rWBCs) in leucoreduced blood products.

The BD FACSVia System: the complete solution for leucocyte enumeration in leucoreduced blood products.

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The BD FACSVia System with the BD Leucocount assay:

  • Provides accurate and reliable enumeration of rWBCs in leucoreduced blood products
  • Is an easy system to use and learn
  • Allows for space saving with a small and compact system
  • Improves workflow and laboratory efficiencies, helping to reduce the total cost of operations
  • Through intuitive clinical software, minimizes technical staff training, instrument setup and maintenance and sample processing and data analysis
  • Reduces pipetting steps and operator interaction with sample
  • Provides flexibility in workflow planning by allowing batch analysis
  • Eliminates possible source of errors associated with manual processes and bead pipetting, standardizing results with single platform cell counting using BD Trucount™ tubes

The streamlined methodology makes the BD FACSVia System easy to learn, easy to use and helps you do more with less.

Easy-to-follow steps for using the BD Leucocount kit

Applications - FACSVia

The BD Leucocount assay simplifies your ability to count residual white blood cells in blood products. The BD Leucocount reagent stains only nucleated cells such as leucocytes, leaving platelets and red cells unstained.

Studies1 confirm that BD Leucocount assays, together with BD Trucount tubes, provide reliable, reproducible results with demonstrated accuracy, linearity and precision.

A simple, one-step instrument setup enables you to improve lab efficiency by reducing manual workflows.

Innovations - Flow Cell
Predefined software templates are available for quick and easy setup and sample analysis: simply open a template, and the plots and regions for that assay automatically are displayed. Click Run to begin data acquisition.
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The BD Leucocount Kit is available for In Vitro Diagnostic use for counting residual white blood cells (rWBCs) in leucoreduced blood products.

Optional BD FACSVia™ Loader adds automation

This step-saving sampling option gives you walkaway convenience, increased throughput, and is compatible with standard 12 x 75-mm and BD Trucount tubes. The BD FACSVia Loader can handle 96-well plates when used with optional BD FACSVia™ research software.*

Optional BD FACSLink™ Laboratory Information System (LIS) interface

This easy-to-configure solution provides bidirectional transfer of information between BD FACSVia clinical software and your LIS.

Reagent ordering information

Name Tests Catalog Number
BD Leucocount™ Kit 50 340523
BD Leucocount™ RBC and PLT Control 25 341003
BD Leucocount™ PLT Control 25 341002
BD Leucocount™ RBC Control 25 341001

1. Wotzer M. Residual Cells in Blood Products. In: Sack, U, Tarnok A, Rothe G, eds.
Cellular Diagnostics: Basic Principles, Methods and Clinical Applications of Flow Cytometry. Basel:Karger;2009:693-713.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

Class 1 Laser Product.
Unless otherwise noted, CE marked, For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.