BD FACSCelesta

Optimized for Brilliance in a Compact Footprint

BD multi-laser flow cytometers are known for delivering high sensitivity and performance. In the BD FACSCelesta, the optical and electronics system—lasers, filters, detectors, optical paths, and signal processing technologies—have been engineered to get the most out of BD Horizon Brilliant™ dyes.

More Parameters Mean More Impact

BD FACSCelesta users can choose from four instrument configurations. All configurations have blue (488-nm) and violet (405-nm) lasers, which can be paired with a red (640-nm), ultraviolet (355-nm), or yellow-green (561-nm) laser, depending on your application needs. The ability to detect and analyze up to 14 parameters in a single sample maximizes your power of discovery and the impact of your research.

The laser combinations mix new and established technology to achieve optical stability and reliable performance within a compact footprint. A system of dichroic mirrors and bandpass filters, packed into a compact polygon, splits off light from each laser and directs it to the correct detectors. The detectors (photomultiplier tubes or PMTs) themselves fit compactly behind the filter assemblies.

Class 1 Laser Product.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.