BD FACSCalibur

The BD FACSCalibur™, a fully integrated, multiparameter system, offers the performance and sensitivity needed to ensure the objective and reproducible results vital to laboratories.

Flow cytometry has evolved rapidly to incorporate the use of multiple fluorochromes to effectively identify and isolate, with an optional sorting module,* subset populations from a single sample. This maximizes the information gained from limited amounts of sample and makes assays more cost-effective.

Its optical design, sample handling options, and sorting capabilities make the BD FACSCalibur™ system a valued tool throughout the world for routine cell analysis, assay development, verification, and isolation of cellular populations of interest.

Optical path configuration

The BD FACSCalibur was the first system to provide standard multicolor analysis capabilities by incorporating an alignment-free optical design, interbeam compensation, and dual-laser technology.

Features Optics - Optical Path

BD FACSCalibur Optical Path Configuration

Dual-laser design for multicolor analysis

A dual-laser design provides the flexibility and sensitivity needed for multicolor analysis on the BD FACSCalibur system. Two lasers—an air-cooled argon laser and a red diode laser—are spatially separated for high sensitivity, minimal need for compensation, and flexibility in fluorochrome selection.

Features Optics - Dual Laser

BD FACSCalibur Optical Bench

For In Vitro Diagnostic use.
Class 1 Laser Product.