Save time with simplified operation and maintenance

The BD FACSMelody cell sorter allows researchers to work more efficiently and improves throughput. A streamlined workflow eliminates manual setup of the stream and monitoring of the sort, which minimizes hands-on time and provides walk-away sorting capability.

Fast results to improve lab throughput

  • Fixed alignment means there is no lengthy procedure with alignment beads required at startup.
  • Only perform instrument QC when needed. It is not required each time the sorting nozzle is installed. Even with instrument QC, you can typically run your sample in less than 17 minutes compared to less than 8 minutes without QC.
  • Automated stream setup and steering into tubes or plates saves valuable minutes.

Minimal downtime

  • Instrument QC continuously monitors the system to track performance and predict problems such as laser failures before they occur.
  • The sorter design facilitates fast troubleshooting, such as easy and quick replacement of the sorting nozzle, with no need to re-align the laser and stream or run QC beads. You can resume sorting within 3 minutes because the nozzle is separate from the fixed-alignment flow cell, which is where the sample is interrogated.

Cost savings

  • The BD FACSMelody cell sorter features a fixed flow cell and reusable nozzle, eliminating the need to purchase daily consumables.
  • This affordable solution allows for in-house cell sorting, which can save money compared to outsourcing.