Options and Related Tools to Support Lab Requirements

Sample introduction productivity can be gained with the optional BD FACS™ Loader or the BD™ High Throughput Sampler (HTS).

The BD FACS Loader is an instrument option that allows walkaway sample introduction to further improve productivity. The BD FACS Loader carousel accommodates up to forty 12 x 75-mm tubes and automatically loads them on the BD FACSCanto™ II system without operator intervention.

BD FACS Loader

Mounted directly on the cytometer, the device includes a drive system, a tube lifter mechanism, and sensors on the sliding drawer. Two sliding doors safely enclose the drawer to protect technicians from moving parts during operation.

The BD FACS Loader utilizes compressed air to allow a more reliable tube load, as well as an intelligent tube guide mechanism that automatically sends an alert if a tube is not properly positioned for loading.

A unique ID and optically-read label are printed on each carousel for easy carousel identification. The BD FACS Loader is operated through both BD FACSCanto clinical software and BD FACSDiva™ software. The BD FACS Loader is compatible with the BD FACS™ Sample Prep Assistant (SPA) and the BD FACS™ Lyse Wash Assistant (LWA).

BD High Throughput Sampler*

The optional BD High Throughput Sampler (HTS) provides fully automated and rapid sample acquisition that can speed through a microtiter plate in less then 15 minutes, with less than 1% sample carryover. In high-throughput mode, fast acquisition speed is achieved by synchronizing two high-precision pumps for sample mixing, sample injection, and probe washing. Standard-throughput mode can be selected for acquisition of larger sample volumes. The HTS supports standard 96- and 384-well plates. It is operated using BD FACSDiva software, allowing users to define customized delivery protocols, mixing, wash, and analysis parameters.

Sample preparation support

BD Biosciences offers two BD FACSCanto II complementary instruments to help busy laboratories increase speed, reduce variability, and streamline sample preparation.

The BD FACS™ Sample Preparation Assistant II (SPA II) supports walkaway lyse/no wash sample processing. The BD FACS™ Lyse Wash Assistant (LWA) lyses, mixes, washes, and resuspends samples in PBS. Pre-programmed and custom protocols are available.

Barcode reader

The optional BD FACSCanto II hand-held barcode reader reads two-dimensional barcode labels and it is used to read the compensation matrix of the BD FACS™ 7-color setup beads reagent into BD FACSCanto clinical software.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.