Custom Products

Custom Conjugation

The BD Biosciences catalog contains over 6,500 unique antibody-dye combinations featuring BD Horizon Brilliantâ„¢ reagents. However, we know that your research sometimes requires a different combination. The BD customs program can provide any conjugation you need within our portfolio of fluorescent dyes and antibodies, with all of the same configurable specifications available for bulk quantities of catalog products.

For a list of fluorochromes currently available for custom conjugation, visit our Multicolor Flow Cytometry page.

When specifying custom conjugates, you can choose:

  • Milligram or test size (QC testing required for test size)
  • Quantity per vial (mg or tests)
  • Concentration (mg/mL)
  • QC testing options
  • Buffer requirements (no azide, low endotoxin, carrier free, etc)

Additionally, certain reagents can be manufactured at our GMP facility in San Jose, California.*

Our team of experienced chemists can address any additional configuration or special requirements to deliver the specifications you need.

To inquire about custom conjugations, submit your request here.

Once you have submitted a request, your representative will contact you to inform about lead times and minimum order quantities.

*Note: custom products manufactured in the GMP facility will have an RUO (GMP) regulatory status.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.