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Description Clone Size Status Cat. No. List Price  
Anti-TCR-α/β FITC  Anti-TCR-α/β FITC WT31  100 Tests CE/IVD 333140 QuickView

CD2 FITC  CD2 FITC S5.2  100 Tests CE/IVD 347404 QuickView

CD2 PE-Cy™7  CD2 PE-Cy™7 S5.2  100 Tests CE/IVD 335821 QuickView

CD16 PE-Cy™7  CD16 PE-Cy™7 B73.1  100 Tests CE/IVD 335823 QuickView

CD20 APC-Cy™7  CD20 APC-Cy™7 L27  100 Tests CE/IVD 335829 QuickView

CD22 PE  CD22 PE S-HCL-1  100 Tests CE/IVD 337899 QuickView

CD16 PerCP-Cy™5.5  CD16 PerCP-Cy™5.5 3G8  50 Tests CE/IVD 338440 QuickView

CD13 PE-Cy™7  CD13 PE-Cy™7 L138 (also known as Leu-M7)  100 Tests CE/IVD 338439 QuickView

CD117 PE-Cy™7  CD117 PE-Cy™7 104D2  100 Tests CE/IVD 339217 QuickView

CD45RA PE-Cy™7  CD45RA PE-Cy™7 L48  100 Tests CE/IVD 337186 QuickView

CD71 APC  CD71 APC L01.1  100 Tests CE/IVD 337447 QuickView

CD2 APC  CD2 APC S5.2  100 Tests CE/IVD 341024 QuickView

CD38 FITC  CD38 FITC HB7  50 Tests CE/IVD 340909 QuickView

CD3 APC-Cy™7  CD3 APC-Cy™7 SK7 (also known as Leu-4)  100 Tests CE/IVD 341110 QuickView

CD19 PE-Cy™7  CD19 PE-Cy™7 SJ25C1 (also known as SJ25-C1)  100 Tests CE/IVD 341113 QuickView

CD3 FITC  CD3 FITC SK7 (also known as Leu-4)  50 Tests CE/IVD 345763 QuickView

CD3 FITC  CD3 FITC SK7 (also known as Leu-4)  250 Tests CE/IVD 345764 QuickView

CD56 PE  CD56 PE NCAM16.2 (also known as NCAM 16)  50 Tests CE/IVD 345812 QuickView

CD34 PerCP  CD34 PerCP 8G12 (also known as HPCA2)  50 Tests CE/IVD 345803 QuickView

CD56 PE  CD56 PE MY31  100 Tests CE/IVD 345810 QuickView

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