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Description Clone Size Status Cat. No. List Price  
Anti-HLA-DR V450 BD Horizon™ Anti-HLA-DR V450 L243  100 Tests CE/IVD 655874 QuickView

CD45 V500-C BD Horizon™ CD45 V500-C 2D1  100 Tests CE/IVD 655873 QuickView

CD20 V450 BD Horizon™ CD20 V450 L27  100 Tests CE/IVD 655872 QuickView

CD3 V500-C BD Horizon™ CD3 V500-C SK7 (also known as Leu-4)  100 Tests CE/IVD 652896 QuickView

Anti-Lambda PE  Anti-Lambda PE 1-155-2  50 Tests CE/IVD 642925 QuickView

Anti-Kappa FITC  Anti-Kappa FITC TB28-2  50 Tests CE/IVD 644059 QuickView

CD3 APC-H7  CD3 APC-H7 SK7 (also known as Leu-4)  100 Tests CE/IVD 641415 QuickView

CD45 APC-H7  CD45 APC-H7 2D1  100 Tests CE/IVD 641417 QuickView

CD20 APC-H7  CD20 APC-H7 L27  100 Tests CE/IVD 641414 QuickView

Anti-HLA-DR APC-H7  Anti-HLA-DR APC-H7 L243  100 Tests CE/IVD 641411 QuickView

CD138 PerCP-Cy™5.5  CD138 PerCP-Cy™5.5 MI15  50 Tests CE/IVD 341107 QuickView

CD5 PerCP-Cy™5.5  CD5 PerCP-Cy™5.5 L17F12  50 Tests CE/IVD 341109 QuickView

CD4 APC-Cy™7  CD4 APC-Cy™7 SK3 (also known as Leu3a)  100 Tests CE/IVD 341115 QuickView

CD2 APC  CD2 APC S5.2  100 Tests CE/IVD 341024 QuickView

CD56 APC  CD56 APC NCAM16.2 (also known as NCAM 16)  100 Tests CE/IVD 341027 QuickView

CD10 PE-Cy™7  CD10 PE-Cy™7 HI10a  100 Tests CE/IVD 341112 QuickView

CD3 APC-Cy™7  CD3 APC-Cy™7 SK7 (also known as Leu-4)  100 Tests CE/IVD 341110 QuickView

CD19 PE-Cy™7  CD19 PE-Cy™7 SJ25C1 (also known as SJ25-C1)  100 Tests CE/IVD 341113 QuickView

CD3 PE-Cy™7  CD3 PE-Cy™7 SK7 (also known as Leu-4)  100 Tests CE/IVD 341111 QuickView

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Description Size Status Cat. No. List Price  
BD IntraSure™ Kit  BD IntraSure™ Kit 50 Tests CE/IVD 641778 QuickView

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