Media Enrichment Services

As leaders in customizable media solutions, BD Biosciences – Advanced Bioprocessing has a suite of media enrichment services if you are looking to improve an existing medium.  From a quick supplement screen to an intensive feed strategy development, we can improve your pre-existing medium to help you achieve your desired yield and performance.

Read below to learn more about our Media Enrichment Services.

Supplement Screen

BD Biosciences – Advanced Bioprocessing’s supplement screen is ideal for customers looking to quickly improve an existing base medium. Our media design experts will screen your cell line and base medium against our supplements, providing a summary analysis and recommendation.  

Media Enhancement

Our base medium enhancement service further enhances your pre-existing base medium. With additional analytical testing, our media design experts will review a broader array of supplements to develop a custom nutritional supplement to meet the unique requirements of your cell line.  Throughout the engagement, you will receive a regular status update, and at the conclusion, a detailed analysis and working supplement sample.

Feed Strategy Development

BDAB’s feed strategy development service is designed specifically to enhance your bioproduction proceses. As part of this service, we will develop a medium screening and feed strategy, based on spent media analysis.  At BDAB, we work together, providing full transparency, so you can easily replicate our recommendations on a production scale.

To learn more about our Media Enrichment Services, please call 844.626.5319 to speak with a BDAB Sales Associate.