BD FACSCanto™ Software

Productivity, consistency, and reliability from dedicated clinical software

The IVD cleared BD FACSCanto™ II system includes software designed to address the needs of today’s busy clinical laboratory. It delivers productivity, consistency, and reliability with features that include automated setup and compensation using BD FACS™ 7-color setup beads, application-specific analysis modules, and predefined reports with integrated quality control.

Simple workflow with automated cytometer setup and compensation

BD FACSCanto™ clinical software automatically sets cytometer detector voltages and creates compensation tables based on a single run with BD FACS™ 7-color setup beads.

A Cytometer Setup Report

This standardized approach ensures that fluorescence brightness is correct for stained cells in each detector and improves data integrity. In addition, the software will automatically correct for spectral overlap, also known as spillover, using the setup beads as a reference. Spectral overlap can occur when fluorophores emit light over a range of wavelengths and some of that light "spills over" into detectors other than the primary detector for a given fluorophore. The software uses the newly established spectral overlap values to ensure that stained cells are correctly compensated. The Cytometer Setup Report becomes available after cytometer setup with BD FACS 7-color setup beads is run. The software offers integrated quality control with pass/fail determination, alarms, and error flagging.

A Levey-Jennings report for cytometer setup

Track day-to-day performance with integrated quality control

The Levey-Jennings tool in BD FACSCanto clinical software allows display of cytometer setup results over time in Levey-Jennings statistical process control plots. Problems that might require cytometer maintenance or service can be detected by tracking trends over time. For example, detector voltages should be trended as a key diagnostic to determine if the cytometer is becoming less efficient over time. Less emitted light will reach the detector and a higher PMT voltage will be required for the signal up to the original 7-color setup bead target value, and corrective action can be taken as a result.

Improve productivity with worklist-driven sample processing

For reduced hands-on time, users can control runs with worklists in BD FACSCanto™ clinical software. These worklists predefine sample order and the specific panel for acquisition and analysis of each tube.

An example worklist

Highly automated sample management

In addition to building new worklists by using the keyboard or barcode reader, users can import BD FACS™ Sample Prep Assistant (SPA) worklists and use saved worklists as templates. Imported information can be reviewed and edited within BD FACSCanto clinical software for missing or incorrect entries.

Optional BD™ FACSLink connectivity software easily connects the BD FACSCanto™ II system with an existing customer Laboratory Information System (LIS) to enable bi-directional transfer of data. The software simplifies laboratory workflow by customizing data reporting, securing validation, and electronically transferring data to reduce manual transcription. The solution automates the process from request to reporting to help reduce errors and improve data quality and laboratory workflow.

BD IVD-cleared panels supported by BD FACSCanto clinical software


BD FACSCanto clinical software is supplied with the BD FACSCanto and FACSCanto II systems and includes application panels optimized for use with specific IVD reagent kits. These panels feature automated gating, calculations, and report generation to deliver consistent, reproducible, and standardized analysis. The software can automatically create PDF files and print hard-copy reports for each sample, in real time.

IVD-cleared BD FACSCanto™ clinical software simplifies system operation with automated cytometer setup, compensation, sample runs, analysis, and quality control for predefined clinical applications.

Setup and acquisition with in-line analysis

Through worklists, BD FACSCanto clinical software enables automated acquisition and analysis for up to 200 samples, with 40 samples per carousel. For each sample, data is aquired, analyzed, and displayed, and a report is printed.

In-line analysis

Off-line analysis

Immune monitoring—identification and enumeration of lymphocyte subsets

Detection of HLA-B27 antigen