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Useful search tips to help refine and improve your search

Search is the easiest way to quickly find products and documents of interest. Here’s a quick list of some of the most popular search tools to help refine and improve your search.

How to use multi-term queries

A search query will return products and documents that include all the terms that you have entered.


  • CD3 human
  • CD3 FITC
  • CD3 human FITC


The following table lists the search operators that can be used to refine your search on

Operators Example Finds products, documents, or web pages containing…
? CD11?
A five character term that starts with “CD11”
* anti*
A term of any length that starts with “anti.” Performing a search for “*” will return all products, documents, and web pages.
" " "CD8+ lymphocytes"
The exact phrase contained within double quotes


Filters can be used to narrow the results of your search to find the products or content you are looking for. You can filter on specific categories such as product type, format, or clone. Once these are selected, the page will automatically refresh to include only the relevant results.

Document filters

When the Documents tab in the search results is selected, filters are available to further narrow results by product documentation or web pages.