Stem Cell Research

For more than 25 years, BD has actively worked with stem cell researchers to develop tools that help improve workflow, ease of use, and performance.

This in-depth knowledge and experience is available to customers through comprehensive training, application and technical support, and expert field service.


Held at BD training centers worldwide, BD Biosciences flow cytometry training courses combine theory and hands-on practice to provide participants with the skills and experience they need to take full advantage of the capabilities of their instrument.

Technical applications support

BD Biosciences technical applications support specialists are available to provide field- or phone-based assistance and advice. Expert in a diverse array of topics, BD technical application specialists are well equipped to address customer needs in both instrument and application support.

Field service engineers

BD Biosciences field service engineers are located across the world. When instrument installation or service is required, a BD Biosciences Technical Field Service Engineer can be dispatched to the customer site. On-site service and maintenance agreements are available to provide long-term support.

Special order research products

In addition to other services, BD instruments can be customized to meet specific customer requirements via the special order research program.