FACSuite Clinical


BD™ CS&T Beads are used to check the BD FACSLyric™ cytometer performance and automatically make adjustments, ensuring consistent values from day to day and experiment to experiment. Comprehensive checks during system initialization and setup, including performance QC, verify system performance, ensure that detector settings are optimal and trigger the automated laser alignment process if required. The entire setup process can be performed within the FACSuite Clinical software without manual intervention.

FACSuite - FACSLyric - Streamlined

Easy setup

Universal Setup ensures that setup is an easy, quick procedure for Instrument QC and Assay Setup for both IVD and user-defined assays. QC is shared between clinical and user-defined applications so you don't have to repeat your daily QC twice.

FACSuite - FACSLyric - Universal Setup


Measuring spillover in no longer a daily or weekly activity. On the BD FACSLyric™ flow cytometer, spillover value measurement is performed with pre-dispensed dried beads and reduced to once every 60 days. Spillover values are maintained within the system and updated automatically with photomultiplier tube voltage changes.

FACSuite Clinical - Time Saving

Comprehensive Reporting

Lab Report
Lab Report
Dot plots and gate positions are clearly laid out so it's easy for the cytometrist to ensure that the results are of the highest quality.
Physician Report
Physician Report
The easy-to-read physician's report presents the most relevant information to the physician.